On Writer’s Corner- Indian Writers

When you think about novels conceived, and the greatest of writings displayed in book stores, all you can thinking about where could a writer sit and write like this! No, a writer does not need a space that’s perfect. We are messy creatures, and we need lot of notes, books, pens, pencils maybe our pets around us for support and that blank on our feet to write on those chilly winter nights. But what writers do need is space of their own. A simple corner of the house or the bed can bring out many ideas that could turn that book into a bestseller.

Why do writers need a space?

Well, because just like any work, writing is handwork. You have to write notes and think about plots that would lure your readers towards you and it cannot be done in between people. We really do not need our partners either when we write. All one needs is peace and a table for the laptop to avoid all those finger aches.

Preeti Shenoy

From a blogger to a writer, Preeti Shenoy has made headlines everyday and marked her presence as the most influential women writers in India. Her books, Secret Wish List, Life Is How You Make It, It Happens For A Reason, Tea For Two And A Cup Of Cake are all available widely all over! Her new non-fiction is soon to be out!

Her space is a reclined sofa where she works with her doberman giving her constant company. Here is what she got to say  “One of my favourite snaps, clicked by Nilotpal Baruah. This is in my room, where I usually work. The sofa I am leaning on, opens out to be a floor bed, which is where I work, sharing my space with my doberman. Behind me is one of my bookshelves”.

Preeti Shenoy’s writing space

PG Bhaskar

Known for his sharp wit and funny anecdotes, PG Bhaskar has his little niches carved out on his sofa. It looks inviting too! Read his books Mad In Heaven, Jack Patel’s Dubai Dreams, Corporate Carnival, I Stole Her Story, So Who Says I am Middle-Aged? and enjoy it at your leisure pace.

Here is what he has to say: ” I usually keep running from room to room with a hunted look on my face, trying to avoid loud voices and noises, clutching my laptop …. all the while mumbling and cursing under my breath; occasionally banging my head against a wall. Most of the time it works”. (via. emiriteslitfest)

PG Bhaskar’s Writing Space

Usha Narayanan

Here is what she has to say about her space: “I have a new laptop, but I write mostly on my trusty old desktop that sits on a dusty old teak wood table. The desktop needs no charging, no attention. It sits stolidly waiting for me to start my day’s work. Earlier, my cat used to jump up, stretch out on the keyboard and type a long line of ””””. But now he prefers to sleep, while my newest companion Pradyumna watches over me, asking me when I will complete the sequel to his story!”

She is popular for her historical drama  Pradyumna, Son Of Krishna, selling like hot cakes in book stores! Other books by her is The Madras Mangler.

Usha Narayanan’s Writing Space

Satyarth Nayak

A delhi based journalist who wrote for Chicken Soup series and has a world acclaimed Historical novel called The Emperor’s Riddles, Here is his writing space where we see a power pack of things that inspires our writer. Music, photography and obviously keeping fit. Here is what he got to say: “Writing occasionally demands improvising….so does the writing space”

Satyarth Nayak’s writing space.

Rohit Agarwal 

Author of Riding the Raisina Tiger, Co-Author – Delhi Durbar 1911 A Complete Story, Rohit Agarwal has a very interesting space that has everything from books to his gear. Our writers obviously work well within such spaces.

Rohit Agarwal’s writing space

Amisha Sethi

A new writer on the block and we love her calm writing space. It certainly looks like Amisha loves nature with writing. She has recently published her first book, “It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice“. Here is what she has to say about it: “My writing space ‎is my private garden, I love to sit  on the swing and write endlessly amidst my little own created nature. In the late evenings, I usually light up the place with yellow lights, and soft music in the background, the open space means beautiful stars filled sky and smiling moon for the company!”

Amisha Sethi’s writing space

I want to thank all the writers who promptly responded to my request for sharing their writing spaces. Do check their books on goodreads and buy their books. You won’t regret it.


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