On Book Review- The Magician Who Lost His Wallet by Gautam Acharya

Author: Gautam Acharya


A world of magic if thats what you expected then you are going in for a treat. A totally unpredictable book, you will have a very Indian detective novel with Debu as our Sherlock Holmes, or at least when he tries to be. But the interesting plot starts with a wallet dropped at a mall and the man disappearing after the act. Debu who was the only witness to this, picks up the wallet trying to return the wallet. Things begin to get exciting after this.

My Take:

Debu Halder comes out a nagged to death husband who had constraints in his diet and enjoys a drink with kebabs in the privacy of a bar far away from home. He agrees to everything that his wife has to say and really does what he wants anyway. His on and off friendship with his neighbor comes in help when the young man unwittingly solves several questions regarding the disappearance of the man who had the wallet. It irritates Debu but he is as keen to know a little more than the visiting card he had found inside. Although it makes no sense why a simple office going middle class man would be interested in going at such lengths to return the wallet to the rightful owner.

This suspense of the novel is gripping and you find yourself moving with the plot. And although you will think that it could be your quickest read on the go, you wouldn’t want anything to disturb you when it comes to Debu Halder finding the culprit. But then it would be unfair to compare it with any western detective hero because I surely wouldn’t mind another series on the same protagonist. The language of the novel is for the common folks and you really enjoy the simplicity and the out of the way murder mystery that finally the police crack.

The end makes it worth to go through the journey of the novel. Acharya has done a fairly good job at writing a detective novel. Waiting to read more from him. I cannot find faults in the book although i took time to read and that’s a good thing, isn’t it.

Rating: 4/5


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