On Book Review| The Best Is Yet To Come by Diana Palmer

Author: Diana Palmer      801188

The Plot: As young secretary, Ivy McKenzie fell hopelessly in love with tycoon Ryder Calaway. But the searing passion that sizzled between them–and Ryder’s cool rejection–sent innocent Ivy running. Now, five years later, Ivy discovered that Ryder’s magnetic virility was still as daunting–and harder than ever to evade.

My Take: Frankly, when it comes to Diana Palmer’s books, I am a fan. But this book is sadly lacking in new plot and new emotions. The hero keeps thinking about the past and the heroine just lives for one man (and also lives in the past). They always keep harping about THAT one night they couldn’t be together because the heroine is supposedly a ‘tease’. Ryder seems like a hot guy and he just couldn’t bring himself to make love to Ivy because she is waaaay… younger to him. It becomes a drag when they start the game of loving/hating/separating. But the sex scenes are great. It’s sweet, hot and Diana Palmer style romance. Now about Palmer.  She is great with depicting emotions, deeper the better and I love her for that. There is no frivolous commitment and she certainly believes in a lasting relationship with her characters. One asshole is granteed in her book. In this case Ivy’s dead husband who forces himself on her, calling her a frigid. And Ivy only responds to Ryder. The secondary characters are well rounded and the author tries to focus on the main characters. The end is great. I liked how Ryder realizes that Ivy is pregnant and tries to woo her the gentlemanly way. From other books, the heroine is more forward when it comes to asking for sex while the hero seriously a bore at times.

I really miss her series of Jacksonville that really was a hit with me.

What to look for?

The courtship is great and Ivy’s emotional turmoil. Sex scenes are great too. It makes a good read in a lonely cold bed for sure!

What’s dull in the book?

The emotions running wild yet nothing happening.

Rating: 4/5


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