On Book Review | The Greek Tycoon’s Revenge by Julie Garver

The Plot: Five years after his brother’s untimely death, Greek tycoon, Nikos Karasphalous, is within striking distance of his long awaited revenge against the nefarious Adriana Secreste. The little, redheaded, vixen is responsible for his brother’s death and Nikos is hell bent on destroying her for her treachery. (Via Goodreads)

My Take: Being a romance writer, I get drawn to romances and eventually end up binging on them for two three days on a row and I can finish them up two three hours max. And such was the book The Greek Tycoon’s Revenge. It is available on kindle only and I just had an amazing time just reading it. High in emotions and a heroine that you would admire is something that I really appreciated in the book. The hero is the typical alpha male with his brains in his pants most of the time whenever the heroine is around but then who doesn’t like that kind of a man? I know, I would.

Nikos is out for revenge and Adriana vows to keep herself away from the man who hates her. Lot of secrets come out and you are left guessing it till the end. Especially how Nikos brother, Anthony dies. Both the protagonists are liable to keep you fall for them. Adriana’s child abuse makes her the woman she is- strong and wilful. She isn’t stubborn or irritating but caring and dignified. She spends her own money and has her own way of living her life. The sex is steaming and makes you curl up cozy in your bed. Exceptionally good writing and I want to appreciate the writer for her efforts to give the readers exactly what they are looking for.

What’s good about the book?

The love slowly builds up and there is Nikos, totally falling for her despite his hatred. And that’s the kind of chemistry that makes a reader fall as well.

What’s dull about the book?

Hardly anything dull because the writer really picks up the plot and takes you along.

Rating: 5/5


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