Book Review: A Soldier’s Love Story is a smart read

My book got reviewed by the prolific blogger, Vishal Bheeroo. His words, “A Soldier’s Love Story is light and breezy which I recommend to fans of love stories and romance. Sonia Kundra Singh tackles a serious theme with ease, injecting romance and conflict that makes it a smart read. In short, a delightful read coupled with compelling narrative in a journey of self-discovery”

Vishal Bheeroo

Book Review: A soldier’s Love Story

Author: Sonia Kundra Singh

Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers

Genre: Romance

Rating: Three and a half


It’s a love story. A soldier’s love story centering on the characters who surmount obstacles, someone whose life is turned upside down by a tragedy that pushes her in a lonely corner. Sonia Kundra Singh’s A Soldier Love Story explores the complexity of the human mind, the under rated emotion called love and deftly narrates the unusual relationship between husband and wife amidst story of pain, passion and sacrifice. The author takes a serious subject but gives it pace and engages the reader in a light manner on how the main protagonists finally discover each other towards the end.


Ranjeet’s parents are keen to see him married and after seeing Jasleen’s photograph, he finds himself drawn to her. An arranged meeting is decided upon and Jasleen, despite her…

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