On Book Review| Surrender Series- 4 Erotic Novels By Melody Anne( Part 1)



Starts the very bitter multi billionaire with an unappeasable sex drive, wanting a mistress for three months. His only intention is to keep them well, make them 24/7 available, having sex with no commitments. One could say that you even love this deal better than anything close to commitment. Arianna Harlow is a simple college dropout who has been trying to take care of her sick mother whose accident had been caused because of a car accident. She blames herself for it all the time. She needs so serious money and really doesn’t have anything to go by even if to have a decent meal. I found her truly likable and relatable. She seems like any student trying to make ends meet when she looses her only support. Rate creates an interview and finds himself drawn towards her despite her repeated “No”. And you know how alpha males loves a ‘No’ and how they make it to a ‘Yes’. Rate is also a family man when it comes to his parents and his sisters. Only with women he tends to get unemotional. But with Arianna he falls…although they end up having sex (several times), she refuses to give in. I sympathise with her so many times because she really doesn’t want to get into all this unemotional crap. Rate sounds delicious with his amazing sex drive and he keeps wowing his future mistress.

The writing is smooth and I love the flow of the story. So many times I had to keep my emotions at check (most of the times I didn’t). I think Ms Melody has truly connected with her readers in this one. The language used to describe the intimate scenes are kept decent only the imagination plays a bigger role here, tantalising the readers to feel what the protagonists feel.


Rafe has finally has his mistress. Arianna succumbs to his charms, well, mostly because he is amazing in bed, and also because she was anyway having sex with him and had to save her mother from the financial disaster- by getting her house and shop back. Rate moves her into an plush condo and has her on call 24/7. She is falling in love and he relaxes his rules by letting her have fun with ‘work’.

The book has to be read if you want to know more about what happened to them. Although I really wasn’t interested in Shane and Lia (race’s sister). She seems like a shallow woman while I like Shane’s integrity. But it’s good to have a few other characters to read as well. I think Melody has given us a master piece with a power-packed emotional eroticism romance novel that a fan has to read.

What’s great about these two books?

It’s a family journey towards finding love through sex of course and I love it! Especially the hot sex scenes written with such ease as if Melody had it all figured out!

Final judgement:

I needed a little more emotions from Rafe but then I have yet to read the other two. I still love everything about the books. 


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