On Book Review| Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects (A Sneak view Of the Heroine)

The Plot: WICKED above her hipbone, GIRL across her heart
Words are like a road map to reporter Camille Preaker’s troubled past. Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, Camille’s first assignment from the second-rate daily paper where she works brings her reluctantly back to her hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. (Via Goodreads)

My Take: What makes this novel so very creepy? Because it’s literally about sharp objects. A book that opens up so many windows to what a woman could be. Its clearly a woman central novel with issues relating to deep down rejection in childhood. A heroine who wants love and affection and wants a family. Her boss is most of a father figure who sends her home to report about the missing girls in the town and honestly Camillie rather eat dust than do it. But she goes and she gets to meet her family who gave me the creeps obviously. A step father who sits uninterestedly and perpetually ignores her existence unless her mother, Adora is bothered. What I like about Gillian Flynn is her emphasis on the woman who is bad and I mean in the true sense (weirdest badass). She keeps an eye on her characters and what they are upto and when the reader actually comes to a conclusion we are just hit right on the face! It’s like she is saying that, “whatever you were thinking, I just was fucking with you”.

And she is good at that!

And am becoming so obsessed with the writer that I would just read anything she would write. Even a draft that she must have been lying around in her dark basement that she says is her writing space.

Camille half sister, Amma who enjoys watching animals being slaughtered is one character that could make you puke. She is pure evil in true sense with her goal being the best daughter her mother could have. Adora spoils her, searching for the daughter Marian, who died years ago with unknown reasons. Adora loves herself and she wants her daughter to listen to do, do everything she wants the to do. While that’s happening, girls are missing in the town with their teeth missing. Camille goes in search for truth but fails, falling for the charms of the Richard.

Camille also has a psychological disorder where she cuts herself because of the pain she feels, she wants to feel on her body. That makes her body really scarred and she is afraid of being revealed. The character is really likable yet you feel really awful for how she is raised to be. Neglected by her mother because she couldn’t measure up. The reason behind the girls going missing is going to spook you so don’t you dare go to the last page because your couldn’t handle the suspense.

“Sometimes I think illness sits inside every woman, waiting for the right moment to bloom. I have known so many sick women all my life. Women with chronic pain, with ever-gestating diseases. Women with conditions. Men, sure, they have bone snaps, they have backaches, they have a surgery or two, yank out a tonsil, insert a shiny plastic hip. Women get consumed.” 
― Gillian FlynnSharp Objects

Final Thoughts: The book is soon going to come as tele series and I am glad after the DARK PLACES disaster movie. The books are good and I am glad to have picked it up.


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