Book Review| Heart Of Bullets by Nikhil Kushwaha

My Take:

The story about two brave soldiers who are passionate about their country and a woman who loves yet give up easily. Arpan, the narrator plays an important role in the story. The idea is fresh and the action in the novel takes some of the excitement because this is not just a love story. Its about brotherhood and life where you could just do anything for the ones you love. Sameer, the hero is a flawed character. He is obstinate, full of himself and a rake. He plays with women for his gain and somehow that attracts the girls even more. The story of why Sam is serious in his life is narrated by Arpan- his brother from another mother. Arpan had shared a childhood with Sam and knows literally everything about his life. His love story, Shradha and his family.

The romance and the innocence of school love is portrayed beautifully here. And if you ever want to remember your first crush then this book will give you a preview. I could almost feel the hustle bustle of students in the class, the flirtatious Soni, Shradha’s attitude towards the ‘Bad-Boy’ Sam of her class and Arpan’s undeclared love for her. What is weird that Arpan is never in any relationship in his life and that kind of saddens me when he visualises his life through Sam.

Shradha come from an typical Indian family where you are raised to be the best daughter and marry off the guy that your father will choose. But her live-in relationship with Sam proved otherwise and she elopes with Sam when her father disapproves strongly. What happens to her father next shakes her to the core, a reason why she refuses to be with Sam ever again.

A book that has all the ingredients to make it a typical “Bhagat” novel yet the scenes are deeper and surprisingly entertaining. Why I say surprise? Because the book cover did nothing for me to pick up and read for sometime. This author really had some great things to say through his characters and if you are ever in the deeper end of the ocean then this novel will answer some of those unasked questions. Kushwaha is obviously very poetic. He loves inserting poetry now and then and you could also imagine a song sequence if you could sing the words. Though it does gets annoying if you want a steady flow of thoughts.
The book tends to gets too preachy and if you want the story to move on then it will take sometime for you to get past the lectures that Arpan gives. Somehow every character has something intelligent to say which is just not digestible.
Some of my favourite lines are:

“People may kneel by the power of money, but true blessings are earned by power of will, the intention to help them who are incapable of helping themselves”.

“There is nothing more painful than living a lonely life without being a culprit for it”.

What’s Hot?
I like how the author pulled of the army background with a flourish and he does know his art, which makes me look forward to another book of his. A tale that ends like no other novel has ever. The scenes between Sam and Shradha has been described with a panache and the chemistry is sizzling yet sweet. A little bollywood for my taste however. Couples argue, make love and then make-up, it’s not always a bed of roses.

What’s Not?
I blame the editor for the horrible mistakes in the book. ‘Hairs’ for Hair and silly grammatical errors that puts a reader off for a reason. The symbol ‘&’ for the word ‘and’ which really gets to me.

If you can get past the spelling mistakss, horrible editing and just long monologs of Arpan with a filmy ending then you could go for the book.  The ending is just heartbreaking, yet totally how a friendship should be all about- sacrifice. Yet totally unbelievable.

Rating: 2.5



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