Book review| The Rose Bush By Priyanka Lal



Author: Priyanka Lal

Publisher: Author Pride Publishers

Rating: 5/5

Available on: Kindle and Online stores


My Take

A book that’s intimidatingly  thick but if you love books that will not just end in a jiffy then this one is certainly worth the look. The story of Kadambari and her attitude towards life makes you want to give up your worries because this girl is out there to win hearts. There are many characters, with two heros- Shapath and Rudra. Both are different, both loveable in their own way.

She has a huge heart, loves her books and has an equally healthy attitude towards sex and boys. Her only friend Nilanjana is mostly a spoil sport because when things do not go according to her, then she just gets pissed off! Amber (as the protagonist) is fondly called falls hard for Sheath, the bad boy of her school. He is handsome, tall and lean and very popular too. All the things that Kadambari is not. She is instantly attracted to him and after tricking him into being her boyfriend to save him from a girl who wanted him, she succeeds to grabbing his attention with her sweet gestures. He seems a little off sometimes but he does try to win her heart and promise to love her forever, so and so that he proposes that they get married as soon as possible.

They are seventeen and they new found curiosity for sex has been written in just right amount of finnesse. Obviously if you expect the writer to maintain a decorum then she really doesn’t and thats what makes this such a kick-ass kind of a novel that ever woman should read. There is hesitation, excitement, incitement, phone conversations leading to exploring more sexuality that tries to get the reader into the minds and day of their teenage years. And how naturally the writer just shows us the story of Kadambari that you really feel for the girl. She comes from a lower middle class family, money doesn’t come easy but even that doesn’t stop her from giving Shapath the money for the trip to Puri. Something about the guy is fishy though. He says he has the powers to communicate with the unknown and Kadambari is so much in love with the guy that you kinda feel as if she is being taken for a ride. And its completely upto you if want to believe it or not. He does has his doubts when he decides to tell his parents about his relationship and from that moment onwards things just are not the same. Kadambari has to forgo her dream of pursuing medicine because her parents don’t believe in her anymore. Shapath in the other hand, just moves on with his life. In any case, most of the people in her life do except she doesn’t let that deter her from being what she always wanted to be- Independent.

He doesn’t seem like the same person like he was before and as a reader I felt cheated as well. Lot of things that he had said to Kadambari seems like a hoax for his momentary benefits- Like the time he says he has cancer, Or when he doesn’t take her calls because his parents don’t agree to their match. Obviously the mentality of Indian parents have been shown to the hilt as in, trying to make sense of how the society works than being happy with the fact that their children are happy.

Kadambari’s struggles make this book as a whole. There are obviously no happy endings without any pain. The second half of the book is completely opposite of the first one. Here we see a very confident, educated side of the heroine. The sensuous nature of hers comes out beautifully with a loving husband who makes her fall in love all over again- to believe in love and how to trust whole-heartedly again.

What’s hot

The book has some steamy sex scenes and if you are like me who loves a good hot romance between good writing then this is the book you have to pick up. But you know what, pick it up because this book has feelings that are going to touch your heart, a story that opens doors to many possibilities and characters that will linger long after you are done with the book.

What’s not

The title was certainly confusing to begin with. The writer did try to make sense of it in the end but a title focused on the heroine would have made a difference. Although there is hardly anything I didn’t like in the book. This is a really nice one and you would love it if you just want to spend hours reliving your school days.









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